Tabletop Games / Boardgames

Although i play most games online, i am also a DM for Dungeons and Dragons games. 

Games and Stuff

Some tools i can use during my gameplay sessions: Nord Games > Bookmarks (sold on kickstarter, but could not find them on their website) (drawings and photo's also non-game related) (Campaign Management Tool / $$$) (Herolab Online / $$$) (Character Sheets / $$$) (World Builder to some degree free / $$$)  (Campaign Management Tool free to some degree / $$$) (Great sound designer - free! but dont forget to give some love and support for the hard work) (used to create my artwork also free (software only, some packages are free, not expensiove either)) (Virtual Table Top / $$$) create beautiful maps (learning curve and $$$) (on of the better mapping tools / site is dead... still. since 2007)  (sources and information for inspiration) home of pathfinder RPG (home of dungeons and dragons 5e)

currently testing out some tools... I'll go in more detail. 
My biggest issue with Pathfinder and dungeons and dragons rules is the new version  s and dumb-down all rules. 
So i prefer light ruling on a heavy story based (with some common sense) adventure. 
some game systems are quite good in that. I use Pathfinder (first) as a base to build my setting and adventures. Mixed together with d&D 3.5 monsters.