Paul Fijma

Game Master & World Builder @ World Anvil

Welcome to Fijma's site. 
Who are the Fijma's?  well that would be Paul and Astrid married in 2003. There will be not much personal info here.
i added the links to sites that i use to post on.
Some of my photos online (last update... ages ago)
Twitch: (i was also known as molecuul, i do not (yet) stream)
World Anvil:  
Discord: Xg7Ad6m
Stuff i like:

Who is Paul

born in 1966, Amsterdam.
At age of 6 we moved to Friesland (northern part of Holland.)
Finished school (technical)
I joined the navy in august, 1983, left the navy in 1998 and started in IT as Windows System Engineer. added CX600 SAN speicialist, DELL backup technician, tridion CMS and MSSQL DBA to my CV.

still working in IT.


I try to use the name Akimotos for all things related to RPG, world building etc. Sometimes i need to revert to 4kimotos.